Key Investor Information Documents

Key Investor Information Documents or KIIDs for short, are double page summary documents that are produced for each fund. Their purpose is to supply you with concise information to understand the funds you are investing in 

Take a look at our guide to KIIDs to learn more and view other information documents below.

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) for the Managed Portfolio Service

HW Select Portfolios

HW Ethical Select Portfolios

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) for HW Blended Multi-Asset Portfolios

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL2

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL3

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL4

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL5

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL6

HW Blended Multi-Asset RL7

Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) for HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset Portfolios

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL2

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL3

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL4

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL5

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL6

HW Ethical Blended Multi-Asset RL7

Personal Finance Portal

Access all of your finances in one place with the Hulbert West Personal Finance Portal (PFP). Our PFP enables you to view your fund information and financial portfolio 24/7 on any mobile or web device. 

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