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We have developed a simple pricing structure for our financial services that is open, honest and represents excellent value for money.  

Before working with you, we arrange an initial hour meeting at our expense. In this session we will discuss your aims and requirements along with the fees for our services should we be instructed to proceed.  

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Our charging structure

Our fair and straightforward pricing structure has been developed with our clients in mind. Before commencing any work for you, we will confirm in writing any fees that will be due to us, plus how it can be paid. 

We charge all our clients the same for our services and are pleased to offer reduced fees for further investments. Our charges depend on the service being offered and fall into either initial services; where a one-time fee is payable, or ongoing services; where we levy an ongoing adviser charge that is payable monthly or annually.

Always agreed in advance

Reduced fees for extra investments

Flexible payment options

Transparent and open fees

Consistent across clients

Fees and commission

When providing financial advice including investment advice, we charge a fee for our services. We do not accept commission for providing investment advice.

For protection advice such as life assurance or private medical insurance, we receive a commission from insurers that is based on the value of the premium. The cost of the advice is equal to the commission due, and we will always disclose the commission we will receive and ask for your agreement to proceed before carrying out this service for you.

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